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Whisky Arts
Monique Tromp (1970, Netherlands) combines her two passions Whisky and Art- the result is a collection of unique 'whisky-paintings'- each telling their own story- the story of the Single Malt: the palet, the tase, the layers- the way this 'nectar of the gods' nourishes your senses...

She creates stunning modern mixed-media-artwork, in which is not all about the whisky- but also about moviestars, music, good things in life! Each piece unique and one of a kind, beautifully build up in her own typical style.


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Hans Dillesse

http://www.hansdillesse.net or http://www.kunstkopen.net/

Contact: mailto:info@hansdillesse.net

Alfred Prenzlow


Contact: mailto:post@prenzlow.de